Short Stack are back for some reason. Members from Go Violets, Major Leagues and The Good Sports teamed up to form an incredible new band. Chapter Music’s Guy Blackman joined Marcus from UV Race to do kiddiepunk. birchwoodlibrary has yet ANOTHER noise band. Collarbones preview their new EP. Lotta stuff happening this week.

My noise.

“Sean Slade: About when we started getting the drum sounds Courtney called Butch Vig. She had been hanging out at Pachyderm, where Nirvana had just finished In Utero with Albini. And Albini is very opinionated about drum sounds [Laughs]. I guess Courtney really wanted Butch for Live Through This, but he was unavailable, and the only time she every really got involved with what we were doing was when she came in when we were setting up drums and said, “What mics are you using?” I explained what we were using this on this drum, this mic on this drum. “Well, what’s on the snare?” “We’re using a Shure 57.” And she says, “Albini says Shure 57’s suck.” I had heard that, but everyone uses a goddamn Shure 57 on the snare drum, okay? But Albini had to say it was for hacks, as if it was an insult to art. And so I said to her, “No, that’s not a regular 57, that’s a Turbo 57.” I made it up. So, she calls Butch and tells him the mics we’re using “and a Turbo 57 on the snare.” And [I] wasn’t privy to his side of it, but he told her those were all great, that we knew what we were doing. There was never any technical issues beyond that. We thanked Butch later for covering for us.”

The whole first season ABC TV’s ‘Phoenix’ is on YouTube. It represents an early go at gritty police procedure and still holds up fairly well. I’m not sure any show since has captured the grim, grey office work of investigative policing quite like it. 



Bob Weston’s bass.

The saddest TB2000 in the world.



I have never cared about Arcade Fire as much as almost everyone else I know. They were one of the most boring bands when I saw them at Big Day Out a few months ago. There are a few songs of theirs that I really love, though, and two of them are live versions. The first was ‘Intervention’ played on Saturday Night Live in 2007 and the second is this. Maybe it’s just because I’ve watched it so many times that the album version sounds irregular. Pretty good, but.

It’s amazing. One of the best televised performances by any band. 

Often overlooked point: If you’re writing honestly about rock music, you’re going to be debased 10,000 times worse than you are if you opt into writing about the most glossy pop music. You need to stare waaaay up into to butthole of rock if you want to say something. 

Still one of the best moments of my life.

Still one of the best moments of my life.